Activities and experiences

There is so much to choose from for activities and experiences in and around the resort. Whether you are an adventurer or here to relax, you will surely not get bored during your stay. Don’t hesitate to contact us or ask our staff at the reception if you need some inspiration on what to do or where to go. 


From all the activities and experiences available, you should definitely try diving! Cliff Cottage is one of the best bases to explore Koh Chang’s underwater world with many dive spots nearby. From the novice to the more advanced divers, there is so much to see for everyone so better to start as soon as possible. Who knows maybe you are lucky to see a sea turtle or even a whale shark.

Diving in Koh Chang had a major boost with the sinking of Thailands largest wreck the HTMS Chang. Lying in 30 meters of water it is a fantastic dive site that never dissapoints. Besides the wreck we have some great coral dives in the local area or Koh Rang national park.

Discover Scuba Diving

If you have never dived before, you can join on a Discover Scuba Day which is a great way to find out if you like diving. We can train a DSD with one dive of the shore, or 2 dives of the boat. You can upgrade this experience to Padi Open Water certification, which will allow you to explore dive sites all over the world.

Not comfortable yet to put on Scuba material and go deep in the water? Then joining the boat as a snorkeler or just to relax might be a great option for you!

Visit the BB divers website and learn more about diving and snorkeling around Koh Chang or book your trip to secure your spot on the boat.

Things to do at the resort

At the resort we have some activities and experiences available which are free for our room guests. Not staying at Cliff Cottage? No worries, you can rent all the equipment for a small price.


The private bay on which our resort is set is considered by many as the best snorkeling site on Koh Chang. We rent snorkeling equipment (free for our staying guests) to let you see the beautiful corals and sea life in front of our resort.


We have kayaks available for our guests . Nearby Klong koi is only across the bay, or you can be adventures and kayak further out.  We also have crystal clear kayaks to enjoy the local under water world from your kayak, these are not suited to for sports kayaking.


We have fishing equipment available for rent at our reception. There is some decent fishing right in front of our restaurant, where many of our guests were able to catch some big fish. Our chef will be happy to prepare a nice dish with it for you to enjoy afterwards.

Exploring the island on wheels

Motorbikes are the best way to explore Koh Chang. We have a limited number of motorbikes for rent, which is a conveniant way to see the island, go wherever and whenever you want, and do some activities and experiences that are more remote. Please be very careful on the steep hills and during rain fall when the road can get slippy.

We also have our bicycles which our staying guests are welcome to use for free. They are a fun and environment-friendly way to get to Bang Bao, and you will be able to take in the jungle sounds on the way. We do not recommend them for use on the main and mountain roads, as they are city bikes and no professional mountainbikes.

Visit a waterfall

Some of the must-do activities and experiences, are the very scenic waterfalls created by Koh Chang’s mountainous landscape. The following are frequently visited by tourists and locals. At some waterfalls there is a National Park entrance fee of 200 Baht for adults and 100 Baht for children over 3 years old.


Where: Close to Klong Prao and Kai Bae.

Description: The water plunges down a narrow drop into a pool where you can go for a refreshing swim.

Trail: An easy 20 minute walk from the main parking area. There are more levels above the main falls but they can be tricky to negotiate, especially in the rainy season.

Why go there? Klong Phlu is probably the easiest of all Koh Chang’s waterfalls to get to as it is located close to the main road.


Where: Located next to Than Mayom pier with its entrance just behind the headquarters of the Marine National Park.

Description: A series of three falls along the stream of Klong Mayom. The second waterfall is about 500 meters  east and the third is 3 km from the first.

Trail: A well marked pathway leads to a 45 minute climb to the first set of falls.

Why Go There? There are good views from the top and you’ll find two stones with inscriptions bearing the initials of King Rama V, King Rama VI and King Rama VII. Swimming is allowed. Restrooms and food stalls are available.


Where: Located on the northern part of Koh Chang. It is about 4 km from the Marine Park headquarters at Than Mayom. A 1-hour, 3-km path from Ban Dan Mai near Koh Chang police station leads to this waterfall.

Description: A small waterfall with several cascades.


Where: Located 2 km from the southern fishing village of Salak Phet

Description: Medium sized Kiripet has multiple levels. During dry season, it is possible to climb up to the seventh level of Kiripet. Swimming is possible but it is advisable to check the water currents especially during the rainy season. During this period it can be wet and slippery.

Trail: You can park your car or motorbike in the rubber plantation near the waterfall and take a 15-minute walk. Hikers should wear climbing shoes and use great caution when climbing up the rocks. Rangers from nearby Salak Phet Forestry Office can lend a helping hand if you request it.


Where: Not far from Kiripet.

Description: The tallest waterfall on Koh Chang.

Trail: The hike takes 1 hour and most guide books mention having to climb over a huge boulder to reach the waterfall but it might be an idea to just walk around the boulder instead.

Why Go There? It’s not an easy waterfall to get to but many people say that the swimming in the fresh water pool makes it all worth while.

External activities and experiences

Elephant trekking

We can arrange an experience in the Elephant camp. A great day out with free pick up and drop off service. The Baan Chang Thai  lets you experience other than just the usual elephant trekking, they let you bath the elephants in the nearby river.

Jungle trekking

Go where most locals never been and trek into the Koh Chang jungle. The trekking guide is informative and a genuinely likeable guy. The trek is suitable for most people of average fitness, but for the more adventurous he treks to Koh Chang’s highest peak Salakpet (744m) every Friday. This trek is for people of above average fitness. Raht provides boots for those who need them. Lunch and refreshments are also included in the price.

Tree Top Adventure Park

We can arrange a visit to the Tree Top Adventure Park, pick up and drop off service included

Cooking courses

A great way to impress your friends and family after visiting Thailand would be to prepare them a Thai meal.

Koh Chang Thai cooking school cookery classes will teach you how to cook some of the most delicious dishes that Thailand has to offer, such as Tom Yum, Pad Thai, or maybe even a green curry. This is a half-day experience and costs around 1200 THB per person, including pick-up and drop-off service from our resort. You will get to eat all you cook. We recommend this particular cookery school because of the excellent literature they provide for their students. The students can choose what dishes they want to cook.

Fishing trips

We can arrange fishing trips for our customers on one of the many charter fishing boats that exist on Koh Chang.

Any questions or inquiries about one of these activities? Ask our reception or contact us in advance.